Good Food Health is a place for readers, food lovers, health nuts, not so healthy nuts, old, young, urbanites and country folk to come together, learn and appreciate what the bounty of good, whole food brings to the body, mind and soul.  Good Food Health is written by me, Sarah Betts, a passionate cook, food geek, nutrition scholar, reader and writer. Whether you are an avid supporter, a newbie, a skeptic or a critic I am happy to have you here and hope to share with you some information, stories, techniques, news and recipes that will help you bring more good food and good health into your life.  Good Food Health is published by Full Circle, a Farm-to Table delivery service, to give readers a resource for information on how the good food and food systems they support will, in turn, support individual and community health and wellness.

Nourishing your body with healthy whole foods is a practice I believe in wholeheartedly.  The earth has an immeasurable ability to produce bountiful and fruitful plants that, when grown well, cared for and appreciated by human consumers, provide fundamental nourishment essential to health and well-being.  Through generations of shared knowledge and practice our ancestors learned how to build strong and successful lives founded on good food.  Food has been a foundation for strength, a cure for illness, a form of celebration and a carrier of tradition in historic cultures worldwide.  It is now up to us to preserve the foods, food sources and food knowledge that have, in the past, created healthy and successful communities. By recognizing the importance of healthy whole foods and remembering the practices that heal the body, we can restore the role of food as nourishment; the first step towards healthy bodies, communities and environments.

While the craze of industrialized food whirls around us, and healthy whole foods get buried beneath processed food products and artificial ingredients, getting the nutrients and nourishment your body craves becomes increasingly more difficult.  Luckily local farms, markets, gardens, coops and passionate individuals help us remember to eat well, live well and practice the good food life to nourish healthy bodies, healthy lifestyles and healthy communities.

My background as a chef, education in journalism and holistic nutrition and excitement for gathering with friends and family around healthy home cooked meals has fused skill with passion, knowledge and experience that I hope to share with others. Savoring the flavor of remarkable fresh produce, connecting with the source of my food, listening, learning and having the chance to write about it all enables me to take part in the greater goal of fostering healthy and happy lives built on good food.  Through Good Food Health I hope to spread the passion for food and the knowledge of how it sustains us.  Information and discussions on how the food you eat effects your body, your community and your life will, I hope, further your interest and support for eating well, supporting those who feed you and furthering the health of those around you

Here, for you, is Good Food Health, a resource, an inspiration, a cornucopia of ideas and a collection of insight that will keep you opening your box of farm fresh food, visiting the farmers markets, supporting your local producers and making the best of what we, at Full Circle call living the good food life.